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Every year, thousands of conversations take place in the NAVUG online communities, at chapter meetings, and during our educational conferences. We are proud of our community members and recognize those who go above and beyond to serve their Dynamics NAV peers. The following annual awards were announced and presented to deserving recipients at NAVUG Summit Nashville:

NAVUG All Star Awards

The highest award given to our NAVUG community, the All Star Award program recognizes NAVUG members who have a passion for Dynamics NAV and have made significant contributions of their time and expertise to the NAVUG community. Once recognized, members continue to be All-Stars, it's not a one-year only award. They are All-Stars forever!

Congratulations to the 2017 NAVUG All-Star Recipients:

Tom Doran, Innovia Consulting

Tom Blaisdell, Microsoft

Holly Kutil, American Ring

Chapter Awards

As always, we listen and appreciate what our members have to say.  In an effort to reflect the fact that in most Chapters there is not a single individual leading the Chapter, we have made a change.  Going forward we will offer two award recognitions per User Group. Awards will be based on the size of the Chapter and the percentage of attendance at the meetings as well as the involvement of the Chapter Leaders to drive content, promotion and attendance. 

Congratulations to the 2017 NAVUG Chapter Award Recipients:

NAVUG Florida (Miami)

NAVUG Washington (Seattle)

Gemstone Awards

As a volunteer, you play a vital role in building a strong and valuable NAVUG community. You will earn points for each volunteer activity you contribute during the annual program year (September 1 - August 31). The more you participate - the more points you earn! 

NAVUG wants to thank you for your contributions to the community by recognizing your commitments. Please note, while everyone can earn points only NAVUG User Members will receive recognition. 

NAVUG User Members are recognized at three award levels; Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald based on their contributions to NAVUG during the recognition year (September 1 - August 31), and NAVUG Partner Members are recognized at one award level; Granite.

Gemstone award winners will be recognized at Summit each year.

To get involved in the NAVUG Community, fill out your Volunteer Profile today:









Adam Johnson, Log House Foods

Bob Stahr, Sunrise Identity

Brian Jørgensen, JEROS A/S

Charles Ruark, CCA & B, LLC (The Elf on The Shelf)

Doug Lombardozzi, Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc.

Eduardo Diaz, Minequip Corp.

Gregory Alford, Tri Star Metals LLC

Linda Hart, Prince & Izant

Liz McQuiston, Superior Walls of America

Magnus Ramfelt, Ekonomi Klara Papper AB

Margaret Williams, Gogo, LLC.

Matthew Iles-Hunt, Arsenal Football Club

Michael Carr, Philadelphia Scientific LLC

Michelle Strand, Log House Foods

Mike Hitzhusen, Intrum Justitia

Nancy O'Hara, Shaw Development

Radbout Buijs, Nature's Pride

Salif Thiam, Monterey Peninsula Horticulture


Allen Hoover, Jason Pharmaceuticals (Medifast)

Aydan Golaszewski, Jason Pharmaceuticals (Medifast)

Bryan Christian, VPT, Inc

Curt Lambert, NK Parts Industries Inc

Jason Chance, Seventh Generation

Jeroen Beemster, Bejo Seeds Inc

Kris Ruyeras, Bellegrove Medical Supply

Kristina Frank, Cline Tool & Services

Meenakshi Singh, Home Market Foods, Inc

Victor Diercksen, PermaPlate Company, Inc


Anthony Darden, Protective Industries, Inc.

Dave Wiser, Beckwith & Kuffel

David Hatker, CCA & B, LLC (The Elf on The Shelf)

Dennis Mahon, Garden State Highway Products, Inc

Holly Kutil, American Ring

Lewis Rosenberg, Mars Fishcare

Marc Allman, AMS Controls

Matthew McGinley, San Francisco Bay Coffee Company

Michelle Scott, Terso Solutions Inc

Robb Delprado, Western Data Systems, Inc.

Robert Buccigrossi, PT Tech, LLC


AJ Ansari, Columbus

Amanda Mayer, New View Strategies

Andrew Good, Liberty Grove Software

John Grant, Innovia Consulting

Kerry Rosvold, New View Strategies

Kim Congleton, LIDD Consultants Inc.

Mark Brummel, ForNAV

Mark Hamblin, Insight Works

Per Mogensen,

Steven Chinsky, Columbus

Mug Club

Cheers to you! This fun, one-time award is given to attendees, who have attended NAVUG Summit 5 times. If NAVUG Summit Nashville will be your 5th time at the conference, keep an ear out on where and when you can pick up your mug. This award is available to Dynamics NAV Users, Partners, and Microsoft team members because we appreciate everyone's loyalty to this conference. 




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