A Look Back at Summit 2016

NAVUG Summit is focused specifically on education for end users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. NAVUG Summit 2016 featured 170+ user-led, role-based educational sessions covering current and past versions of Dynamics NAV. With thousands of Dynamics users, partners and industry in attendance, Summit also provided a unique opportunity to make resourceful connections with Dynamics peers in the same role, industry and geography. For nearly 10 years, Summit has been dedicated to helping companies using Dynamics be more successful.

Check Out Summit 2016 By the Numbers! View the Infographic.

Congrats to the 2016 NAVUG All-Star Recipients!

Anthony Darden, Protective Industries, Inc.
AJ Ansari, InterDyn BMI
Steven Chinsky, Columbus

Congrats to the 2016 Chapter Winners!

Chapter Leaders of the Year

Anthony Darden & Holly Kutil, Great Lakes Chapter

Chapter of the Year

Houston, TX, Led by Robb Delprado & AJ Ansari

Volunteer Awards

We were pleased to introduce four new awards at Summit 2016. The following Volunteer Awards recognize members of the NAVUG Community, who go above and beyond to help their peers by volunteering their time throughout the year. The Volunteer Awards below are based on engagement activities within the community, and the award recipients points total is reflected under each award category. To get involved in the NAVUG Community, fill out your Volunteer Profile today: www.navug.com/volunteer


Users with 250-399 Points


Users with 400-599 Points


Users with 600+ Points


Partners with 850+ Points

Allen Hoover, Jason Pharmaceuticals (Medifast)
Aydan Golaszewski, Jason Pharmaceuticals (Medifast)
Kristina Frank, Cline Tool & Services
Magnus Ramfelt, Ekonomi Klara Papper AB
Marc Allman, AMS Controls
Meenakshi Singh, Home Market Foods, Inc.
Michelle Scott, Terso Solutions Inc.

Amanda Mayer, Ellsworth Corporation
Dennis Mahon, Gogo, LLC
Eduardo Diaz, Minequip
Holly Kutil, American Ring
Jason Chance, Seventh Generation
Jeroen Beemster, Bejo Seeds Inc
Lewis Rosenberg, Mars Fishcare
Margaret Williams, Gogo LLC
Victor Diercksen, PermaPlate Company, Inc.

       Anthony Darden, Protective Industries, Inc.
David Hatker, CCA & B, LLC (The Elf on The Shelf)
Matthew McGinley, San Francisco Bay Coffee Company
Robb Delprado, Western Data Systems, Inc.
Robert Buccigrossi, EBO Group Inc.
       AJ Ansari, InterDyn BMI
John Grant, Innovia Consulting
Kerry Rosvold, Innovia Consulting
Kim Congleton, Fastpath
Mark Brummel, Brummel Dynamics Services B.V.
Mark Hamblin, Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions
Per Mogensen, Mergetool.com
Steven Chinsky, Columbus


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